Guide and cheats for ‘Delta Force: Black Hawk Down’

“Black Hawk down” on the approach. Now someone get…

I do not know whether the operation of U.S. special forces in Somalia the biggest failure in its history after Vietnam, according to its website, Snowball Interactive, or had other failures which we have not known or little known. Not know, participated in operation Delta force (maybe someone else? You never know in America, special forces…), but the basis for the next game of the series Delta Force, she was good. And not just for the next game — lay on the Nova Logic Delta Force: Black Hawk Down great hopes, which, judging by the level of sales in the first days after release, justified.

For graphics used deeply redesigned engine from Comanche 4; numerous previews and descriptions promised more than 20 weapons, advanced intelligence allies and opponents (AI) and compliance with the realities of the operation in Mogadishu in 1993 — not counting the multiplayer. In General, the beauty, and only. Well, see as one tiger to another about the new tamer…

Instead of explosives, which I put in there, could be a grenade from an RPG fired not me. Pretty stupid to stand back to back in the middle of the square.

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down (DFBHD) offers the player a mission, which includes as a relatively major operations, and almost individual terrorist. Being a “tactical simulator”, the game contains a number of relevant conditions (set of weapons is strictly limited and is determined before the mission; tasks are clearly defined and deviation from them is punished; punished also the fire and all the excess loss, etc.), but also provide the necessary opportunities (detailed map and radar; the ability to coordinate group action; air cover, etc.). In General — feel like a commando in full growth. And not some, and the us, and not somewhere, and in Somalia.


Somalia is a fairly large (by area) country in East Africa with a diverse landscape, several cities (the largest is the capital, Mogadishu) and a population divided on ethnic and hell-knows-what-else group who are fighting among themselves continuously. At least, fought in 1993.

Accordingly, have to do some fighting and prairies, and rolling countryside, and in cities. In the last — the most, Yes it and is clear: why should American special forces African hills, really? Whether the case of the city… that is the question.


AK-74 – a terrible weapon even in unskilled hands. Not save neither the helmet nor the furious fire of my fighters… the last moment the Sergeant.

The Prairie, or, more simply, plains of tall grass, in the game occur relatively infrequently. As a rule — on the way to the fighting area. Navigate nice: running for myself and running away and the enemy is visible from afar. That’s only if their opponents, a lot, or want to get to them quietly as possible, you may experience one problem… it is appropriate here small lyrical digression.

Digression number one. When I was in military training, representing the regulated by the Charter and stay in a certain military unit, at some point, our bosses decided that we should be good to smell gunpowder. And we went on shooting from the PM and AK-74. From the last shots were fired in the prone position. Distance 100 m, height of a man, and circles drawn on it, almost not visible; it’s clear that the aim should be “under cut” (at the bottom edge, that is). And here I get the machine, make all the necessary ritual actions, is this is the “prone position”… and I understand that the target can not see at all. Because the grass is high, mow it to the range nobody comes. So the visibility meter two or three from the force… shoot how you want.

What I? And the fact that trying to DFBHD lie down in the Prairie, I experienced a powerful feeling of déjà vu: the appearance is about the same plummeted. Later it became clear that something was seen, but not many. Africa was a surprise, literally out of the blue. Well at least the grass is not everywhere. Basically it seem to have trampled local militants. In order not to interfere.

The interior of the helicopter. It’s pretty detailed, I even got a little nervous because of the lack of a second pilot. Behind – the passenger compartment with three other commandos.

In General, the flora in the game are quite diverse (in contrast to fauna, means not observed). All sorts of trees and shrubs of several kinds of pleasing to the eye, tired of the constant search (and discovery) of the enemy. It’s a pity to mow them can not machine gun, but even from mounted on the helicopter 50-mm multi-barrel cannon. Pieces of leaves from palm trees fly, but her crown is not reduced one iota — it grows, apparently, quickly. And climb the palm tree I could not — neither from below nor from above. Apparently, the Nova Logic believe that American commandos — not monkeys and not warrant officers of the Soviet army from the appropriate anecdote. Yeah so it is, in General, is. The vegetation of all this is almost useless — clean surroundings.


Sometimes serve as a place of active hostilities, and it is possible that better position them to take local gangs, and it is possible that you. How everything will turn. Imagine some (not very serious) risk that they may “suddenly” leave the trucks (“technicals”) mounted with a 50-millimeter cannon, which, however, not too scary. Much more unpleasant entrenched somewhere in the hills of the bomber (action with RPG — antitank grenade launcher… its presence necessarily indicates heart-rending cry on the radio, “RPG! RPG!”). He shoots often, but if it gets… however, the opponents later. The basic principle common to all similar games: kill the enemy before he kills you.

Hills, in addition to the dangers, provide and opportunities. For example, the sniper Salehi on the flat top, can shoot enemies long before they will rouse themselves (the death of others why something bothers them much less than seen on the horizon us Marines). Or, if you already noticed, bomber: hand grenade or grenade launcher to the M-15/M-16 can be thrown over the “bend” without looking… sometimes it is useful. However, it is often easier to pop up like a Jack in the box, and to shoot them all good and they are not much required.


War in the city – a terrible thing. I attacked the remnants of the SUV with a machine gun in the back, and the victim of the bus accident. Fortunately, empty.

This is the most interesting. Here, the creators had a blast. Fighting will need to be in the villages, composed between something like either of wood or of plywood, or sheets of corrugated metal, ramshackle huts, and in the suburbs, where such huts are interspersed with concrete one-and two-storey houses, and in the centre of the city (apparently, Mogadishu) where a sniper can sit on a rather tall building. – Plan complex in a concrete house you can go, and sometimes even to get on the second or third floor. Opponents sit in Windows, on rooftops and around corners, waiting, and when finally the unwary player-commando pop out to get shot with AKM Soviet production; and running around, pretending to know the city better than you. However, alas, as a rule, it is “pretending” — but more on that later.

In General, the city should be more careful and cautious. The enemy may be anywhere, including the place that you just passed (run out of some unnoticed on the street, and even in the amount of two or three pieces). Snipers (as it is called on the radio constantly promahivayas enemies — “We’ve got snipers in the buildings!”) there are almost always. One joy — if you look carefully, you may notice them much earlier than they see you.

By the way, in cities the most useful (least useless) your subordinates. We’re playing “tactical simulator”, remember? So you usually run three equipped with the latest (1993) military technology stalwart American, shooting at enemy (when I see it) and sometimes even fall. And sometimes the enemy gets to them. However, they are not your only allies in the game.


In the river swim the crocodiles. They are much more tenacious than the Somalis, and can bite the leg. On the ears.

The first few missions will need someone to help and someone to save. The car breaks down, then UN, the distribution point of food and medicine to the bandits attack, the convoy in the city ambushed get. And all to bail out the squad “Delta”. However, with the help and under cover (including air). But first things first.

Your allies are divided into obeying you and independent. And those and others orderly move and shoot, but first do it around you, and the second by themselves.

Independent allies can be from the U.S. army or of other peacekeeping units. Americans are well armed, move to “Hammer”, equipped with 50-millimeter guns, shoot very accurately, but occasionally still fall, and most importantly — are doing much the same thing as you, that is, if you has sent, there is hope that they run about the same.

Workhorse of the American army, worth up to $100.000

Digression number two. Hummer — a Hummer — the civilian name of the SUV made by General Motors. Stands for High Utility Maximum Mobility Easy Rider. Military Americans call them Hum-Wee, or HMMWV. GM — private it seems that the company won the tender for the supply of special machines for the army even before “desert Storm” (rather big, I suppose). After all the channels of America personnel were proud of the March of the US army in the desert terrain these monsters move, the company faced suddenly raised domestic demand for these machines. Originally for this turn of events is not ready, the managers GM bearings quickly, several modified HMMWV to fit under civilian standards, called “Hummer” and began to sell. The popularity of the model was so great that not so long ago released the “Hummer 2”, also, incidentally, purchased by the us army. In Moscow there are a few “Hummers”, they are easily recognizable by the fact that they barely fit in the lane at its width more than two meters.

Just exactly the same for me in the sight watched the local action. Pomegranate has placed all in places.

In addition, they (and you) have air support. The helicopter is called when it becomes painfully hot, carefully ironed the street and blow it all off. Cause it really only allies. You do not know how — access rights, I guess not… the hell with him. In the helicopter the most interesting — the ability to fly, but more on that below.

Allies from other peacekeeping units — most likely, the poor fellow, whom you must rescue. Help them not expect any, comes to the absurd: are the trucks around them “allies” on the roofs — the enemy sniper. All in the line of sight of each other, all silently. Until you come. Here the enemy opened indiscriminate firing, “allies” duck and frantically begin to look around (“To hell with the details, what city am I in?!”) and sometimes even somewhere to shoot, but to deal with snipers — you. And only you.

This is called Artificial Idiot. What if in the exact center of this square occupied the middle of the defense Quartet to thrust the projectile from an RPG? Now let’s see…

Only you, because your subordinates are doing roughly the same thing that the allies, with the only difference that are near you and occasionally fire, and even get at the enemy. They do, however, for some to me unclear law. Occasionally they look in the room, let out there a couple of short bursts… and run on, anyone not hitting. In addition, the enemy being in the same room on the “balcony” may not notice. Grenades and “flash” itself is not used (for the team) and generally behave worse than the recruits. Teams somehow met, but their set is very small and somehow vague. The most useful room takedown (capture). In this scenario, subordinate will definitely throw “the flash” (flash) into the room, and in it will throw following until the Somali militants the eyes are not rubbed. To expect that he is going to shoot them, do not: you will not get, most likely.

Their main tactic is keeping you at a distance prescribed by the order (you can change, there is a special team), to flit from cover to cover, stand back to back and around, firing if they fall.

With them, by the way, is one good feature of the game: medical and helicopter evacuation. I saw it, but only once, but still interesting. So, let’s say you burst into the house. Even gave the command “capture room” (room takedown). Your slave, respectively, threw a flash, he jumped in after her… and worth it. And the room was full of Somalis. While you will shoot them all, running around closing you an overview of the unfortunates — it several times (dozens of times) will get (and possibly you too), and screaming “I hurt!” (“I’m hit!”) will be replaced by moans of the fallen. Like everything, the American flag and salute… but no, he’s still alive. And then you hear your own voice on the radio calling the doctor. You say to stay with the wounded and cover up him obey, I’m curious. After some time is really running trooper with a bandage with a red cross on his arm, something fast will do to the poor man lying… then I will take him by the shoulders and backwards, walking backwards, dragged out. Going to cover both — they can’t see where you’re going. However! In the courtyard stands a Black Hawk helicopters (“Black Hawk down”) with a large red cross on a white field on Board. The doctor will drag your wounded comrade to him, he will be thrown inside and the helicopter will take him to the hospital. And you continue the mission. It’s a shame a bit… but beautiful.

No matter how we try, this driver will not be killed. This powerful glass except that it was on Stalin’s “Victory”…

But overall — the allies, even your subordinates, useful mainly as a human shield. And the so-so. Behavior — Artificial Idiot, pure and simple. Maybe that’s better than it was before, but certainly well enough.

Oh, and more. Do not try to shoot them in the beginning, so as not to interfere. The mission will end with the words “You have killed too many friendlies” — “You killed too many friends” loosely translated. So, alas, the “heavy your cargo — great watermelon, but it tangas, tangas your…”

In addition to allies, there are more neutral characters. This is a variety of the locals. Shoot they should not be, but is punished for it is not so hard. Their behaviour usually comes down to the chaotic bustle right in the line of fire, well that’s to be expected from panicked local people. Some (mostly elderly some mantles) are more aggressive. They throw you stones, and require (in English!), if you leave them alone. Don’t take offense to them. Stone armor does not break…

By the way, there are in-game objects and a machine gun won’t penetrate. Actually, they all are, even wood and glass. Just below more about that, and now about the glass… some standing cars (all riding) there are drivers. I failed to kill either one. And if traveling be safe to assume that I’ve missed, with standing… judge for yourself.

I specifically found the driver, in which you can safely shoot. And released (through the glass) two clips from a rifle right in the head… the effect is zero. He sits back, hands slightly shrugs. Machine, again, is in place. The Ghost, apparently, or a dummy to gullible American commandos to lure. Do not be distracted by such trifles. Your goals — the ones with the weapons.


Delta Force: Black Hawk Down player Mongoose. So here will have to fly more than once.

Enemies have different weapons. And since the weapons have pretty monotonous, to distinguish them three and a half. Why half? Everything is in order.

Firstly, infantrymen with AK-74 (AK-47? AKM? It is not clear). This good — visible-invisible. Hundreds of a half on a good mission. All run, shoot, flicker… All of them have one hit. Any weapon (knife, I confess, have not tried it; check for yourself). They shoot themselves, usually poorly. Some of the dangers are in large clusters, because the density of fire. However, these clusters make them extremely vulnerable to grenades — use the grenade launcher! Throw a normal grenade in this case too long.

Minefield. And it is still marked. Later will be another one that could go exclusively random. Science, of course.

The most unpleasant infantrymen with AK-74 — in the cities. Here they tend to sit in the most uncomfortable (to fire you) the Windows, to go back (because hiding not seen you in a deadlock) and to actively sweep the open space. However, endurance, caution and grenades will save the fathers of Somali democracy. Common and sometimes complex urban maze can play into the hands of the true igroman. To come in behind the Somali, who apparently was supposed to come in behind you — it’s a pleasure.

The next trouble are the same Marines, but armed with 50-millimeter guns. Them as times a half, because guns are the same, but can be installed on SUVs, but may be at fixed sites, including lined with sandbags and automobile tires (tyres). If three or four shots from an AK-74 you can withstand without problems, the fire of this gun is better to avoid it. Mobile even less dangerous due to the low accuracy. But stationary… fortunately, your allies periodically notice them before you as if I knew in advance that they are there (in the mission in an attempt to arrest a bunch of hostile senior officers, where you to follow them through the tunnel, at one point your subordinates without orders suddenly rush forward, and then freeze with cries of “machinegun fire!” — “machine-gun fire!”… and how did they know?). To neutralize such stationary points grenades are most useful. You need to carefully watch where you throw them. With their flight, and with the explosion are not clear, a couple of times, I watched as the heavy stood still after the third grenade exploded seemingly at his feet.

The most unpleasant opponents — grenade. To distinguish from afar, who in the hands of AK-74, and one RPG, it is not possible. At the same rate of the RPG is certainly lower, but the accuracy is still somewhat higher, and the effect of hitting… it is better that you are not caught in General. The danger they present always, even (and especially) if you are in the Hummer or helicopter (unlike the gunners and machine-gunners, from which a few armor saves). The downed helicopter is nice, but it’s better spectacle to watch from the outside…

If you know in advance, where sits the rocket launcher, you can experiment to come out, to provoke him to shot and escape from flying grenades. I was good at. But it is, in General, superfluous. You can almost always manage to remove such an opponent before he had time to aim and shoot.


Weapons in the game I counted as many as 21 (only considering Federal), or 23 (only).

However, in reality for a single game in their 7 and 8 respectively.

How so? The fact that it was too many species similar to each other. And collected, respectively, in group. According to him, and take a walk.

Automatic rifle

The most common and frequently used group. It includes MP5, and CAR15, CAR15/203, M16, M16/203.

MP5 — small simple machine without bells and whistles, but with a silencer. Is issued for the mission of the night, and very convenient, in other cases I preferred others for no particular reason, really.

CAR15 and M16 are very similar. The difference is that the first weak optical sight, and they have different modes automatic/semiautomatic firing (switch ALT+mouse wheel): CAR15 allows you to produce cartridges continuously or one at a time, three M16 or one by one. Supplement /203 denotes underbarrel grenade launcher. In my opinion, it can be useful always, so better to take a rifle with him. The fundamental difference in the variation of hits is not seen, and generally it is small. By the way, if you shoot prone, scatter horizontally not at all.

Rocket launcher – the most dangerous opponent. Especially if it is not time to notice. I, fortunately, will be off in a second.

Sniper rifle

M21, M24, MCRT .300 Tactical, Barrett

Are magazine size, fire rate, parameters of the optical sight. Given that all opponents in a single game die with one hit, and you can get without using sight at all — almost no difference. Maybe multiplayer is better, but the missions definitely don’t see why so many of them — one M21 would be enough for the eyes.


Up on the roof, the sniper. Enemy. And at the bottom – kind of like my allies (the Pakistanis, by the way). Question: why are they still alive? Artificial Idiot, definitely.

SAW, M60, M240

200 rounds in store, 600 only. Honestly — does the difference between them can not see, not counting the appearance, of course. Maybe I’m missing something?


Colt .45 automatic M9 Beretta

The difference in the volume of the store. Since the pistol only as secondary weapon… again, grounds for choosing any one of them.

Same here Shotgun. Looks, of course, not as a gun, but essentially the same auxiliary function.

Special weapons

AT4, Satchel Charge, Claymore mines

AT4 anti — tank rocket launcher. Singly. In the presence of the grenade launcher is absolutely pointless, in case of his absence — makes sense for exactly one shot. But the beautiful thing. Perhaps more useful in multiplayer.

Satchel Charge — C4 explosives. Put otaheite, blow. Two charges — in some missions you will need both. In my opinion, they should always take.

Claymore mines — mines. In a single game does not need. As for the multiplayer in the latest patch seems to be made so that disabled friendly fire applies to them (i.e., their they won’t explode), so maybe it will be useful.

Other personal

He does not see me, and I can’t kill him. But the blood from flying machine.

The knife you have always. Use it in missions I have never always have enough ammo. Close to the AK-74 to get all do not want… On the fan, in General.

Well, special equipment: night vision goggles, binoculars. If the first is still necessary sometimes (and in one mission only in it and go), the second is not obvious. Distance measure, except that. But why?


50-millimeter guns mounted in fortified points, in vehicles and helicopters. All of them can be used (default is Shift), including the enemy. A good no limit on ammo (I repeat: endless ammo!) and high rate of fire (the latter especially true for helicopter guns). Have they (the helicopter at least) one feature that may be helpful… Run up to the helicopter from the side. Lean into the gun, press Shift… and suddenly you’re inside the helicopter! However, the gun while looking in the wrong place, but we under armour. Well, sort of. Could be interesting for multiplayer.

Someone else

Statistics on the player Mongoose (the default name). Note the number of dead . It is called genocide.

AK, 50 mm, RPG

You can only use 50-mm gun (see above). To pick up an AK or RPG will not work. A pity… it would be interesting. As for danger to you — read up on your opponents. Chsnce terrible.

Oh, and one more feature: the weapon is part of the owner. I mean, physical. If you hit him — blood will scatter. I really was able to find out the result of an error in the game, when a Somali, not seeing me and not killed (blood from him, however, flowed like a fountain).


Equipment in the game quite a lot. However, it is monotonous, and weapons. But in more detail.

Allied equipment

Local tanks. It is possible to get into the body and shoot, but to ride will fail.

The Hummers. The main way of moving American Marines to Somalia (there are still trucks, but you almost never use). Some of them are equipped with 50-millimeter cannon, from which you when you move can shoot. With some skill and a habit — even quite aptly. Although if the driver is warned, which is going to turn, it would be better.

APCs. Rare to get them in it, but you can use as cover. A weapon is not equipped.

“Black Hawk”. The main transport helicopter. Has two 50-mm guns on the sides, can carry a platoon of Marines. Strays, as it turns out in the story, the RPG.

AH-6 (Little Bird). A helicopter equipped with two directional guns (and maybe something else… shoot from all this, you do not Shine). Can carry infantry on the steps outside, in contrast to the “Black Hawk” armor which protects passengers at least from the gun fire. You will have to carry out fire support landing of these steps. In General quite useful if the helicopter is not too shaken. Almost the perfect weapon against the crowd, if you will, of course, do not forget to take a machine gun with a grenade launcher.

The enemy’s technique

The driver fails to kill any. But it is possible to remove the arrow and blow up the whole machine.

SUVs. And trucks. Sparse; however, the tanks or not, or all were destroyed before the arrival of the Americans.

Jeeps usually equipped with 50-millimeter cannon, the operator which is easy enough to remove. However, you can just blow up the whole machine, as a rule, it is easy. But kill separate driver failed me never. Meet, however, machines without a gun, usually shot in the back.

Trucks not equipped with weapons, but can carry a crowd of Somalis, which in this case represents an almost ideal target for, again, under-barrel grenade launcher. However, from rifles to take them off easy.


The creators DFBHD did everything that players are not confused. First, when loading a mission, you show the text (probably written by your own hand, the plot), in which all the points laid out (including estimates of the expected resistance). Then when you are ready to run, you first on the radio again to describe what needs to be done (by the way, to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game, I recommend to put the English version; this is unlikely to prevent you to fulfill the mission, but add the adequacy of perception). Pressing Tab at any time to see exactly which task you need to perform now. On the radar is where you want to go (point of change of direction — waypoint’y — arranged quite often) and where you or your subordinates shoot, where is something useful, where there are enemy machine guns… the Most inquisitive can also use the map. In any case, you confusion is unlikely.

It is not time they were in my way. And stood myself in the doorway – I could live…

After some time, this clarity begins to get annoying. As you can, in fact, go over there, turn left, then right here is blast bomb… However, to leave the route impossible. If you depart too far from it, you will first be asked to come back (“Get back on mission!”), and then, in case of disobedience… have to go through the mission again. Here’s a leash. All hope for multiplayer.

As for the missions… it should, in the first place, shoot. Fortunately, it does not require such accuracy as, say, Counter-Strike (enough to get in anywhere — even in the big toe of the left foot), and adversaries much simpler. In General, the comparison with CS we will return.

The second thing to remember is caution. Because of the angles you can look out, and if you want to roll out (default Q and E in the supine position). On all Windows you should see, especially those that you left behind. If you enter a room, try to view and, if necessary, to ProStreet as most of it still outside. Remember — the enemies are everywhere! The game encourages paranoia, as indeed any other of this type, in an incredible degree.

All of these tips relate to the city — and not by accident. Only there are some tactics there. In the hills and plains-most importantly — who shot first, you or fifty Somalis. And the advantage is on your side.

As for some more “advanced” tactical decisions…

Flying from wood scraps, but its crown is not reduced. Grows, not otherwise.

First, there is such a thing as “seizure room” (room takedown). It is, in my opinion, the team that is interpreted to give the next dummy. Then one of them will throw into the room “flash” (flash), jump over it (possibly more than one) and start shooting. Not too accurately, but at least something. While Somalis are to RUB your eyes, you can easily shoot them without wounds. Command just “throw grenade” or “throw the flash” is dangerous to health. They’re gonna throw…

Secondly, I repeat again, grenades as usual, and grenade — a powerful aid to peace of the Somalis. “Flash” is also useful, but less, and a smoke I apply did not have.

A typical local village. These buildings do not make their way from any of the machine guns, even heavy.

Thirdly, how to deal with fixed 50-millimeter cannon? A grenade on this thing to spend worth, the benefit it is possible to throw out of the corner. You never know, pop out — kill after all have loaded, and opportunities to record the game on a mission not so much (although, as a rule, enough: I selected all in the latest mission to the reality of which is irrelevant). However, for some reason it often happens that a grenade on the gun operator is not valid. Escapes it something like. Well. Then you can try to start shooting before you saw him, to the point where he stands — and go. With a good probability you will have time before and not repeat the fate of Jimmy from the song O. Medvedev (see epigraph).

Of course it would be better if the wooden walls, corners, glass and the like exposed to fire. But no, alas, even the wooden shelter held up like concrete. Even hurt somehow, despite the fact which a considerable place is occupied by the shooting through obstacles in the tactics in CS.

The fight is over. The village is cleaned. Hundreds of corpses, flushed the boat, victims among the civilian population… For what?

That’s basically all the main tactical considerations. It is possible to advise to look carefully at the radar… well, Yes it is you already understand me. Sparse, Yes. Maybe the multiplayer is something to add. I hope that and the weapons too. Only it is doubtful somehow…

Overall, after thinking a bit about tactics, you can understand about the game. However, it was possible to understand without it. Do you know how many enemies destroyed past all 16 of the missions the player Mongoose (the default name)? 1752 — this is not the limit. Now, suppose, the Americans were there, housing 500 people. 500*1752=876000. Eight hundred seventy six thousand people. This, comrades, is genocide. So one conclusion: we arcade. The real. Advanced, well () drawn, well-voiced, but, alas, the tactical simulator her long…

“Jimmy missed, and Masai got…”

And in the end promised a comparison with CS. However, as you probably all already knew.

Weapons. Well… put the experiment. Run multiplayer in LAN, we find the Armory, take the “gun” of the same class, goes to 25 meters (measured by binoculars) and shoot at the wall, we compare the distribution of bullet holes. Questions left? Well.

Card. Single mission — it’s all linear maps. No, of course, there are points that can be achieved in two ways. But in fact cards linear, branching only in not playing any role. Card multiplayer… a separate issue. Me they smote the size. Painfully large. And a lot of places to hide. Draw your own conclusions… however, it is better to try. However, this will require a licensed copy. Well, at the same time support and Nova Logic, and “domestic producer” (Snowball Interactive/1C). Plus scheme in the game are more diverse than in CS. In General, comparing the multiplayer of “people against people” in detail to hold still gamers. Although in terms of tactics I have nothing good, to be honest, I’m not.

But CS has bots playing, in the General opinion of gamers, from bad to worse. And in DFBHD is a single mission, and promised advanced AI opponents. Here is the comparison. Somali militants, frankly, and not standing next to, say, POD-bots. Not even lying, and did not smell them. However, try it and see for yourself.

In General, Delta Force: Black Hawk Down — beautiful game. Honestly. It is best to play it on the ‘recommended’ configuration or better. My ex not so long ago is still “cool” 1100 Athlon with a GeForce2 is not listed, especially under Win2000. However, no this is not a tactical simulator, let us confess it honestly. Arcade is one of the best of this type for the last time, but, alas, no more. However, it’s not bad. Fans rejoice, Nova Logic considers revenue. And, right, is already planning a new “Delta Squad: “Shock and awe””. Don’t miss it, I think.

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