Delta Force: Xtreme: Review

At that time, as a lot of tactical shooters out of the year, then achieving success, then flying out with a crash of the charts, always been on top, since 1998. Honestly, this is one of the best tactical shooters ever came out. The latest technology, which NovaLogic has built his game are staggering, but the good old looks at them flawlessly. And not only the word Xtreme in the title indicates the high quality of the game, the name talking about it. We say: full Xtreme! And we are right.

The main advantage of multiplayer. I must admit, that playing it much more interesting than to pass “single player campaign”. Anyway, bots are in Africa and bots. Their AI is still not strong enough to perform these operations. But the developers have not forgotten about the single player mission. All in the game to about 20, divided into 3 campaigns. It is not enough if to consider that in the previous series of Deltas into a single mission had about 40 cards separated by as much as 5 campaigns. Disappointing, but not to this emphasis…

No single mode is not as bad as it might seem, but mostly boring. Almost all missions are built on tasks like “run from here to here”, “blow up a helicopter” or “find a cache of weapons”. Making moves on the terrain, kill the villains. And Jogging we do not one, but a group! And the enemies are even trying to look more realistic than in all games. They hide behind rocks, corners of buildings, in the grass, behind a tree, anywhere! Yes, there are quite secretive, so enemies sometimes you will notice only at the time of their firing, shining and dazzling. For each mission, you will receive two to four partners that are scattered around the map. Before you can control them, you first need to meet with the men at certain points. Unlike the previous series, the partners are deprived of the annoying bug of getting stuck in the sections on the map. To carry we can a limited number of weapons, and very diverse. Also in the game there, though not many, cars – a curious thing, however.

To run the entire single component of Delta Force: Xtreme and for a couple of hours, so the transition to multiplayer required. When you start to play command, at first, looks rather chaotic (action), but it’s fun! On one card fits up to 32 players in various familiar modes: kill all, capture the flag, king of murders, etc. It is especially fun on these maps, which abound with vehicles. You climb on the helicopter and conduct a massive bombardment from the air, and a couple of friends are hurtling down at the jeep, knocking opponents to shreds. There are still missions where you and friends can walk together, playing a cooperative, sweeping away the terror from the face of the earth.

The graphics in the game looks not much, but decent. The most stinging question: “In what year the game looked better in 1998, or now?”. Of course, this is a joke, but the truth is. By today’s standards, the picture is not impressive but makes us run to the toilet after seeing it. The soldiers most likely to die, the environment is spacious although it looks poorly. Region swarming with enemies have all kinds of buildings such as residential buildings, towers. But most of the game you will enjoy the overgrown jungles or endless deserts. The sound part is good, yet again, on the level. Some of the sounds are taken from the previous series, fit into the atmosphere normally. And some time to order bored, so I want to off the speakers and put into the wardrobe, that the eyes are not blisters. For example, accelerating on a motorcycle, the sound will be scrolled as looped, one and the same, although the roar should increase. Music and dialogues are not so designed, to inspire confidence, they are all tatty. Sometimes not even notice, whether they are in the game?

In fact, the game turned out strong middling. Many developers are not modified or omitted. Although the basic meaning of the game brings to us. As well as the main portion of enjoyment. All fans of the series to play, but normal gamers to play and praying that the developers of NovaLogic did indeed hit that would be remembered to us for a long time…

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