Delta Force: the story of the rise and fall series

Genre: Tactical fighter
Developer :NovaLogic (USA)
Publisher: THQ Nordic (Sweden, Austria)
Platform distribution: Retail, Steam, GoG
Localization: Text + voice (DF1, DF2, and Xtreme 2 is missing)
Release date :November 1, 1998 (DF1) — 27 may 2009 (Xtreme 2)


You must fulfill the objectives of the operation. You are not limited in the means, you have the most modern weapons, able to panic on enemies one of its kind. At your disposal a space with a radius of tens of kilometers. We are not interested in the methods chosen and implementation details, you can arrange total sweep or be limited to one well-aimed shot, the condition to complete the mission at any cost… and survive.
This is not a description of an actual RAID — this is gameplay of the series Delta Force. At least it was back in 1998. The idea to write about the famous franchise was a long time, and then came the reissue of almost all parts on Than not an occasion to remember the classics?

— You know well how appearances can be deceiving, so let’s talk about why we’re here. We’re not here because we are free, we are here because we have been deprived of liberty is foolish to ignore the purpose of our existence and to question the motives of. We are here for you.”The Matrix Reloaded” (2003)

Delta Force

When the game brings to the genre something new, it is called revolutionary, outstanding. It’s beginning to look up and other developers, and craftsmen, creating numerous modifications and independent projects. But there are those that are not done for the sake of great discoveries, and not to change the “pillars” of genres — they just use people’s love, return to them years later. In November 1998, he published one of those nuggets, and his name is Delta Force.
American company NovaLogic at the time was known in the market for interactive entertainment as the Creator of the helicopter simulator “Comanche”. Then these people probably did not know that released is crucial and, in many respects, a fatal game. Their creation is not carrying anything that usually give the award for “a New word in the genre”, but what caused a national stir? This action is not sunk into oblivion even after a General insanity on the soil Half-Life, released two weeks later.
The answer is simple — the Delta Force gave players the freedom, a huge space without visible limits. In an era of such monsters of the genre like Doom and Quake it has not yet made one. And the game has almost no scripts (with rare exceptions) that for shooters of the late twentieth century nonsense.
To tell the story is nothing special — as one of the fighters of division “Delta” we will rid the planet of terrorist threats. There are five campaigns, their action takes place in different parts of the world. The mission (and campaign) can be played in any order. Before each operation, we from a wide range of we select a set of weapons. Liberty solutions is observed constantly, ranging from jobs and weapons, ending with the choice of direction of attack on the enemy camp.
The player is not the center of the universe. Exploring the endless sand of the African desert or trudging through snow-covered hills on the New Earth you will involuntarily begin to notice that your fighter is only a part of this world, not the king or God, as is often the case in linear shooters.
Big role is played by the chance factor. Even before you start fighting, open the map and observe how the allies fought the enemy — they often die quickly, but is able to make half the population base, and thereby to facilitate your task. Friendly units will not be able to do all the work for you, but will not wait for the battle deign to join the main character, and this creates an honest sense of realism that games of such a plan is not so unimportant.
Of the minuses can be noted only a weak schedule. Voxel engine with a terrible name VoxelSpace3 scary even by the standards of 1998. But these shortcomings do not want to draw attention — after a few minutes voxels are not seen, and the sight is a picturesque valley with the enemy base, surrounded by hills, and we recall the main condition — “you must fulfill the goals of the operation…”.
It’s sad, but Delta Force — the pinnacle of creative thought of the Americans from NovaLogic, then there will be no better. From the top, as we remember, one way and two way walk this way — just down the hill or crashing to break down. In NovaLogic chose the former.

Delta Force 2

Continued not long in coming. A year later, on 3 November 1999 on the shelves went the new game series. Is it possible just to make a good project? Yes, and the Americans have proved by example. But no one saw him as the opening, like the first part, because the gameplay does not changed at all.
The engine remains the same, but was significantly modified. Graphics have become more colorful — dark grey-green tones are a thing of the past. In comparison with the original size of the card is greatly reduced, but we still have a luxurious opportunity for tactical maneuvers.
In NovaLogic heed the criticism is to be expected and has made a meaningful storyline. Revelation happened, but at least missions are linked and are not independent cutting operations as in the first Delta Force.
The number of campaigns was reduced to two, but the total number of missions remained at the level of its predecessor. The “Delta” again to send to different parts of the world where we have to shoot menacing men with guns. During the both campaigns will have to race around the world for militants who seized the terrible virus and to prevent attempts by terrorists to make nuclear weapons of their own.
Pleases a variety of missions. We will look for a bomb in the factory, chase the train with terrorists to attack the convoys, to seize the airfields and capture enemy officers, not to mention the everyday things like cleaning of the camps of the enemy and liberate the hostages. Ways passing is also enough. Remember the mission with the train: you can either catch him, to jump into the last car and drive to your destination; or shoot the locomotive from AT-4 — then the composition will not “run away”, but to the point of evacuation will have to stomp on foot.
Delta Force 2 is recommended to all who are charmed with the original. The project is no surprise, but exciting gameplay as the first part. In NovaLogic wisely and not have to repair that works perfectly and brings glory to their new series. But for how long is enough of this approach?

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