Delta Force – review

Apparently I have a special karma. Lucky, you know, writing articles about all sorts of simulations of forces troops. Was SpecOps, then almost a masterpiece , Rainbow Six and now Delta Force— a new game from a helicopter-airplane Novalogic. According to the known law any good idea always cluttered with clones. Sometimes good, but most useless who just rehash the original. And that’s with Delta Force was almost the same story. There are some interesting ideas, but too it is all like SO and R6. But about all under the order.

System requirements
Pentium 166
32 MB

Recommended requirements
Pentium II 266
64 MB

The unit of “Delta“ was created in 1979 in the United States. Americans I wanted to create a service that was not inferior to the famous British SAS. They did it. Now this secret organization has the most dangerous jobs, such as the release of hostages and the fight against the drug mafia. A game called Delta Force, supposed to simulate the actions of one of such units. But in fact all resulted in a banal 3D-shooter, but in open spaces. However in the credits of the game is a former employee of the real Delta Force, but it seems to me that nothing they him the money to pay…
So, before you, one of the members of the group “Bravo” set task — to destroy as much enemies of the American nation and at the same time to perform a sea of wonderful instructions, such as saving the life of a President (now former) Indonesia — Suharto or destroy a military base in Uzbekistan. Will not consider the reality of such situations, and look at how all this is implemented.

For a complete passing game must finish five campaigns, 7-8 missions each. The action develops in various regions of our planet. In Peru, fighting drug lords in the Republic of Chad, with rebel organization in Indonesia — with opponents of the President and in Uzbekistan — the Mujahideen (by the way they say in Russian, but this is crazy inconsistencies in the game a lot), well, in Mother Russia as much as against their New Earth. Typically, implementation can select one of two missions temporarily forgetting about the second. From the change of climatic conditions of the problem operations are changing very slightly. Typically, this total kill’em all, occasionally interspersed with tasks like “bring the black box” or “run over to the helicopter.” That is, on the face of panachee lack of imagination the writers of Delta Force. Well, okay, it’s over there in the West brains swam, and we will see the game clearly.

Selecting the area and the mission, get to the screen with the description of the job. Everything very similar to SpecOps and especially Rainbow Six though no global changes in the operation can not be done. Except that weapon afford to pick up. Have nav-points, through which pass completely not necessarily, as well as couple of objects of the mission. No strategic planning, no selection of “staff”. You will to perform the mission alone. Almost. Usually you are given one or two support team — “Alpha” and “Charlie”, respectively. They also have their task and they perform it almost independently. So to say, provide fire support. Not particularly clever and tenacious, so by the end of the mission they are usually already dead, that in no way impact on the success or failure of the operation.

As I have indicated above, on the screen with the plan of operation you can choose a some weapons for the mission, because the default installation does not always the best. All weapons and personal belongings are distributed in the three slots in one you take any of the two pistols (one silenced), in second put the machine gun/automatic/rifle, but the third one is for “crackers” — grenades, other explosives or bazookas. I it seems that here the developers have found a middle ground in picking ammunition. Universal semi-automatic M4, and TWO sniper rifles together with the famous miniature of the anti-terrorist H&K make good competition weapons in the SO and R6. And if to consider, that last sniper rifle was not, you can be happy for lovers of accurate field shooting, for which now created all conditions for your favorite optical classes. But RC mine rarely need, so it is better to take an extra supply cartridges instead of such useless things.

Lights, camera, action!
And here it is. Action. Naparniki said, quickly scooting to the specified points, and you’re standing in the middle of some of the Uzbek desert with cactuses (nothing can be done — botany amerikosov bad…) and stare into the distance, trying to dismantle the mountain of pixels something. On the chart yet affectionate pair will be said below — we’re not talking about it. I will begin immediately look different from R6 and SO. First, available the level of health. It is a sign of unrealistic. Second, health this is how and ammunition you can collect like a bonus, however this option disabled. Also stone in the garden… thirdly, the enemies don’t usually die the first shot, but I can kick off from a slight wound in the leg. Here in principle, and all. The remaining comments are related to graphics, artificial idiot and other fishechek.

Your soldiers can run, walk, jump, crawl, get down on one knee well and die. In General, a good set of actions. Honestly to admit that Novalogic has done everything well. You can jump to fall on the belly and fire from any position that was impossible in SpecOps and even more so in Rainbow Six in which lie even theoretically it was impossible. The control is carried out simultaneously with the mouse and the keyboard is very convenient. At least I didn’t have it to reconfigure, which is good. Persist during surgery, according to the already established tradition, it is impossible. Therefore, the failure of the assignment or death which happens quite often, we have to start the mission again. Here, by the way, the interface, and so painfully reminiscent of the TV series Comanche. Will see — will understand what I mean.

Your enemies are creating not very smart. As always, take not quality, and a number plus infinite ammunition. Though they have sometimes flashes moronic mind and they begin to cut into circles, but it likely a bug in the program. Therefore, the key to success is sniper rifle, the hill higher and the pose “lying on the belly, drives away flies.” This tactic tested by me on more than 20 missions of the game works flawlessly.

I prayed a virtual God to put programmers from Novalogic a little bit of brains, and their marketers — slipped usage statistics three-dimensional accelerators. But all in vain! God didn’t hear me and in the end the market received another modern game with a very outdated engine besides hindering shamelessly. Voxelspace3 as proudly dubbed the creators their offspring is a slightly improved version of the engine from the third of the Comanches adding’x 32-bit color, multiple special effects and inheritance the lack of support to modern accelerators. As a result, we have a game with nevadalas voxel graphics a-la ZAR (that is, if you Comanche not played), but with remarkable slowness. On my poor P2-300 is a miracle in feathers when there are multiple low polygon objects is starting to give out 5-10 fps, not giving to aim accurately. Yeah, the polygons that I forgot to say… the Buildings, machine and also all people are made in a fair 3D. Polygons, however, is not very much, but nevertheless, people can even watch without fear for their mind — they look quite nothing, and when you die, and just great. Tumble when hit by bullets fly off to the walls, etc. Separately should be said about your Avatar (that is the hero I want to say) — it allocated far more of the phases of motion, rather than the villains, so the picture of the death would be to pour just the same balm for your shot through the heart. Yes, and jumps on the slopes heroick quite briskly, that’s why I often recommend you to turn on the external camera, in order admire his/her kangaroo jumping across the dunes.

And bullets whizzing by…
Bullets. And now for spucke. Um… everything is inaudible. It seems it is not bad I hear crickets at night; fly buzzing; bullets here and there in the ground Sabouraud; hand gun so mentally sausage; Russian soldiers dying without an accent say “Mom…”. For it would kill the damn Americans — the hand rose to shoot his own… But the stereo effects worked extremely bad. There are three positions of the sound source — left, center, right. There are no smooth transitions, you will not hear! After the sea games, where such a trifle is the default! Nooo! I have a positive “FOR” the dismissal of the entire software part of Novalogic to edrene hair dryer. It from-for such trifles spoil the impression of the game as a whole. Well, that though the music is normal, although I was turned off, so as not to distract from the fighting action.

So, the game is not too bad. It would be the graphics engine is newer enemies smarter, livelier sound, health hilee — and then she could stand on a par at least with SpecOpsas to playability and tension, action Rainbow Six it’s not to get never. That’s where Delta Force can compete first two, it is in multiplayer. Infrequently it is necessary to run boooolshoy open spaces and shoot rivals my long sniper rifle. And mode multi-play four Deathmatch ordinary, “Cooperative” is even more common, Capture The Flag banal with slight variations and “king of the hill”, pretty funny, have say Regency… well, if you have a fast connection, then join the free gaming network and play on NovaWorld health. And the rest I will recommend or buy a more powerful Pentium 2 or to wait until the next wave hit “special forces”, which is already on the approach…

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