Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

A former colony of Britain and Italy, Somalia gained independence in 1960. But the liberation from the colonialists did not bring peace and prosperity to the country. Somalia is divided into zones of influence of several clans, warring among themselves. Besides nearby there is the “traditional” enemy – Ethiopia, dreaming to chop off Somalia a bigger piece.

Six months after independence, the Somali troops attacked several border outposts on the border with Ethiopia. And in February 1961, invaded Ethiopia. The incidents continued until 1967. In 1969, the country has witnessed a military coup, quickly developed into a socialist revolution. According to the trends of the time, the revolution got support from the Soviet Union. Money and weapons flowed to Somalia by the river. The power in the country for many years went to major-General Mohamed Barre.

Since 1975 renewed border clashes with Ethiopia in 1977 once again transformed into an open war. Hostilities led to a sharp deterioration of relations with the Soviet Union, actively supporting Ethiopia. With varying degrees of success hostilities continued until June 1988, eventually plunging the country into chaos.

6 June 1988 was the day of the end of the Somali state. During a speech at a football match in Mogadishu, the fans booed President Barre, in response, the guards opened fire crowd pleaser. More than a thousand people were killed. This was the last straw – the country erupted into civil war, President Barre miraculously managed to flee the country.

The Northern clans were United in the Somali national movement in the Central areas formed the United Somali Congress, led by Mohamed Farah Aideed (remember this name!), while the southern clans was organized by the Somali Patriotic movement. By the end of 1991, the country was finally split into warring factions controlled region. The country was hit by a terrible famine, and humanitarian aid stolen by the militants. To stabilize the situation in the composition of the UN peacekeeping mission in Somalia were sent about 30,000 U.S. Marines and 500 Pakistani soldiers. Operation “restore hope” began.

In the midst of operations in Somalia and arrives one of the soldiers of the unit of Rangers, nicknamed the Maestro. And immediately gets into the, so to speak, hell. First job turns into a tense fight to the militants attacked the convoy with humanitarian aid. And then there as luck would break one of the trucks. Some jeeps with the Rangers, including Maestro, are used to help the convoy. Initially, the number of militants fleeing on all sides, are somewhat discouraging. However, as the commander says – “And the machine gun you why?”. Having settled a notable number of “those damn blacks” and making his way to the convoy, we get a rare opportunity to fly in a Black Hawk and fire onboard weapons. This, incidentally, is one of the most colorful moments in the game, especially when you consider the great music that plays during the flight.

Then rest is not necessary. The jobs follow one another is to protect a place of distribution of humanitarian aid, attack the Armory, and the like. There is even a “stealth”mission, though “stealth” is somewhat a stretch – the duration of the night, and mp5 with a silencer, that’s the whole “stealth”. The action takes place either in the daytime or night, though mostly in the city and surrounding settlements, but there are a couple of tasks and in an open area. By the way, there are civilians, so you need to shoot accurately. In the case of victims among the civilian population, the mission will not fail, but the commander wouldn’t praise. “We are here for peaceful purposes! Only shoot back!”.

Everything will go on as usual until the informant will not tell the command about the meeting of the leaders of the militants. Here then begins the “meat”. The Rangers will have to cover the “Delta”, during the assault of the old hotel. And everything seems runs fine, but… People Aideed shot down a Black Hawk (Soviet weapons – the best in the world!). Of course the command decides, regardless of losses, to get pilots, not even knowing if they are alive. Lead a local operation, of course, have Maestro. The helicopter crashes in the heart of Mogadishu, swarming with people Aideed. Behind every corner can wait for the gunman, snipers and missile troops entrenched on the roof… Since then, the complexity of the game increases dramatically.

Making his way to the helicopter and covering the extraction team, we learn that the militants downed another helicopter and small teams of Rangers scattered throughout the city. It is natural to gather the troops we have. Will be very hard, because the militants used heavy machine guns mounted in the most unexpected places, and in one of the tasks even a mortar battery. Gathering an impressive crowd of a dozen Rangers and Deltas, we learn that UN peacekeepers depart from the city by fortified – stadium Mogadishu. You have to hurry. When they reached the convoy, find out what cover it is, of course, we we. This is one of the most difficult tasks, because should skip at least one bomber – the convoy end. Large casualties among the peacekeepers will also lead to failure. Then there’ll be another job, unfortunately not corresponding to historical reality.

It is worth to say a few words about the schedule. It seems that all the resources of the graphics card go to the store associates. The enemy and the local population is very conditional. Surrounding objects there are occasionally found a couple of tires, burned cars, Yes some boxes, although one of the activities on the river, we meet the crocodiles. The desert looks good, however, empty space is a “feature” of the series Delta Force. Mogadishu depicted in a very arbitrary, although there are places that even claim to prettiness. Best of all, of course, failed helicopters. From the bird’s flight it looks very realistic.

All the shortcomings of the graphics kompensiruet beautiful music, too bad it sounds so rare.

It is not necessary to consider this game as a realistic simulator of hostilities. The weapon fires against all the laws of ballistics, even when shooting from the “grenade launcher” you need to aim to the location, and the grenade itself will fly in the desired trajectory. The enemy is incredibly stupid and goes directly to the bullets, although it shoots pretty accurately and can crush. In General Novalogiс was a good shooter, based on real events, with good graphics and great music, but unfortunately do not give us “dive” into hostilities, at the expense of the overall “igrushechniy”.

At the moment, the state of Somalia virtually ceased to exist. After retiring in 1995, UN peacekeepers, the country again plunged into chaos. Although Mohammed Aidid was killed in 1996, the civil war has not stopped until now. The country became a base of pirates and in 2006 began the invasion of Ethiopia…

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