Once you decide you want an app for your business, you can make a request for its development here. However, this is not all. When the app is ready, real work only begins, as it takes lots of effort to reach the right audience. If you don’t want your app to stay unnoticed and useless, you have to learn your perfect and even imperfect customers. After we receive a request from you, we begin to use all the tools to analyze the market. Here’s how it happens:

• Your idea must be researched on the market. We gather as much information about similar products to find your niche;

• We research the audience that may be interested in your product, its demands and preferences. Depending on the age, gender, social status, the time spent in the app and on using the iPhone in general, we will build the strategy;

• Our experts analyze the possible profit and expenses on the app and its promotion;

• We will find the perfect platform to place the app;

• We will build the strategy on how to increase sales, improve business, make it more productive, and give you advice on how to make the product more attractive to the audience.

After the first research is done, we begin to develop the app. However, our analytics works with the ready-made apps too. We test all the variants on the audience, learning whether the model of the app is successful.

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