Month: January 2023

  • What is infrastructure testing for?

    First of all, it depends on which infrastructure is being tested — internal or external. External infrastructure is an organization’s resources accessible from the Internet: websites, servers, and even end […]

  • How infrastructure security is tested

    The approach to testing depends on the goals of the information security department. There are five main directions. Security analysis: detection of all possible risks in the use of a […]

  • What is Offensive Cybersecurity

    In information security, unfortunately, there is no ideal state that can be achieved and no longer worry. Being safe is like being in love: it’s not just for you, it […]

  • Offensive cybersecurity: a detailed guide from a “white” hacker

    Before we talk about cybersecurity, pentests, hacking, let’s deal with the term “hacker”. Many people misunderstand him. People who steal money using IT, hack websites, leak information, invent viruses are […]

  • Preventing hacking

    Compliance with cybersecurity rules will protect you from hacking. Below are a few key recommendations for preventing hacking, which should not be forgotten. Use strong passwords A large number of […]